Sunday, November 26, 2006


...woke up this morning feeling the roughest I have felt in a long time! Started to get the beginnings of a cold last night and hardly slept (or that's how it felt anyway!)When I woke up my face just hurt, which I have never had with a cold before ! It's got better as the day's gone on though and now I'm just snotty!
Holly is going back to school tomorrow .She is now looking forward to it after declaring last week that she wasn't going to go back again!Both girls have been allocated parts in the school show.Em is a milk maid in a scene from Oliver and Holly is the 'lady with the alligator purse' from said nursery rhyme - which I confess to never having heard of!I cannot believe it is nearly time for Christmas shows already.
Tomorrow Geoff and are I going to make more progress with the Christmas and Holly's birthday shopping.It's not even December yet but I'm feeling totally disorganised already!
I'll leave you with my Pencil Lines Lo this week.I was lucky to get this done, I managed to mislay the sketch and then had to use whatever 7 x5 photo I already printed due to an almost inkless printer!


Anonymous said...

aww babes, hope you are feeling better, i will ring later xx
glad to hear that Holly is back at school, and i too cant believe we have only a few weeks till christmas, i have never felt so disorganised and un festive :(

Ann(i)e said...

your layotu is your two tiny squares and ribbon!

joanna said...

Hope you are feeling much better now, Sue :) Gorgeous layout, so pretty. I've yet to make a start on my Christmas shopping, and I'm just starting to feel a bit panicky about it!! I'm sure it'll all come together, though... xx