Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The witching hour....

So did you all have a good Halloween?! It was so quiet round here (thankfully!!) Just three lots of visitors and I think we knew all of them! Holly was so hyped up all day, though I'm not sure why! Em was at a dance class so didn't come out with us, just wore some flashing horns!!
I had a last minute attempt at a fancy pumpkin using a template from the internet! It should also have some bats but they were a little fiddly for my kitchen knife and got the chop (literally!!)Next year I will be more prepared and start earlier than 5pm!
Today (well tomorrow bearing in mind what I've munched my way through today!) I am back on the weight loss campaign.Managed a decent loss this week which I'm hoping will kick start my motivation again! That or the fact that I have one solitary pair of trousers that fit properly!!
Check out the Pencil Lines blog for fab sketches by Queen Geek this week! I am scrapping way out of my comfort zone with these sketches but that has to be a good thing right?!


Anonymous said...

that pumpkin is brilliant, i am so impressed i could never achieve anything like that
Doesnt Holly look so cute! not scarry in the slightest
anna x

Ann(i)e said...

That is a seriously COOL pumpkin!! Love it!!!!
Your little girl looks so sweet in her costume!! I'd give her a treat. =)

joanna said...

Oh, she looks so lovely, Sue; pumpkin looks wonderful, too :) xx

Anonymous said...

update your blog woman!!!