Friday, November 10, 2006

See, now you know....

...why it took me so long to get a blog...because I knew I would be rubbish at updating it!!
Yes, I do sit there during quiet moments of the day composing thoughtful and witty (??!!) blog entries...but I never get round to actually typing them in a a key board!! my excuse for lack of blogging this time round? Decorating...and life in general! We've spent the last week re-decorating and rearranging the living room and I have to's looking good! I dread this kind of thing cos having such totally different views on most things, it takes an absolute age for Geoff and I to agree on paint colours , new furniture etc.But it's all done and the room is now a lovely shade of Antique White instead of the grubby, greying white it was previously!
I attempted to make some cards this week to use up some of my humungous pile of card making stuff..and you know what, I hated it !! Probably because all my stuff is all over the place, I can never find what I'm looking for ...and I just prefer scrapping now! So, anyone want to buy some card blanks??!
Tomorrow we're off to a little party for my mum's birthday and straight after Holly is off to another party (oh to have the social life of a 5 yr old...!!) at the local sports park. Sunday she is off to my niece's party with Em and my mum & dad...any bets on how grumpy and tired she 'll be come bedtime tomorrow night?!
Hmm...well I guess you won't be happy if I finish without a picture so let me just go find something you go, yummy leaf photo taken last week!
Oh, and PS..if no-one leaves me any comments...I assume nobody reads this and I'm not missed when I don't update!!


Anam said...

i come by most days :) i love seeing your girls :)

Anonymous said...

me too - i check out all your blogs x love the leaf photo - the colours are just amazing xxx

KimmyS said...

I always cheak everyone's blog. I am a serial blog-stalker.

BTW I am loving the leaf picture!

Anonymous said...

ooo bossy boots, lol
good to see you updating, xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Well that's a way to get comments girly! ;)
Hmmm we ne need to redo the cream walls (we just papered one wall lasy christmas, I mean I did!)

Gah word verification is 9 letters long.... 9!!!!!