Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Last Friday Em turned 16...I wish I knew where those years had gone!She wanted a Wicked themed cake,and after Googling for images I could guess which one she had seen that she liked and also knew that there was no way I would be able to make it! In the end I used a combination of a couple of ideas that I found on line,though it doesn't really resemble either of them much!I know that is very wonky and I am not pretending to be a professional in any way! She loved it though and it was more Wicked - themed than she had expected it to be!The sponges inside were all green - nice! Em's main present was her ticket to see...yes,Wicked !! We go again on the 27th of October for the cast change performance :) For her party on Saturday I made cupcakes with green icing,even though she still hadn't cut into the proper cake as she wanted to keep it as long as possible!

We went for tea at Frankie & Benny's to celebrate and then on saturday Em had a bout 10 friends round for a party at home :) And yes,there is still some of that cake left...!!(We persuaded her to cut into it on Sunday in the end!)

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Furniture restoration said...

i love the cake and the green color,i think it taste good..hmm,yummy!