Sunday, October 14, 2012

Autumn love :)

I say it every year but Autumn really is my favourite time of the year :) A couple of weeks ago we went to our usual conker collecting haunt and although I knew we were probably too early,it didn't look as though there were that many on the trees to come down. However,we are lucky that on one route into town there is an avenue of conker trees:) And whilst I wasn't hopeful at first,they have had a really good crop this year :) I don't know why but I just cannot resist picking some up every time I walk that way ! Geoff thinks that people probably see me and call me the Crazy Conker Lady!So I have a huge haul of conkers here,even after I have dotted some around the house to ward off the spiders!

Today has been a gorgeous sunny Autumn day again and I love this photo of Ayot,our conker haunt and also where we had our photo shoot with Anna :)

I have lots to catch up on so I will be back soon with Em's birthday cake,I can hardly believe she is now 16 !!

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