Sunday, October 21, 2012

Everything is changing...

..and I'm not sure that I like it :( The kids are growing up and little by little I seem to be needed less,from simple things like the school pick up to other things like bath time and weekends ,when they go out with their friends rather than being at home.I know this is perfectly normal but it will take a while to get used to.I know it means that really I have more time to do stuff but in all honesty,when I looked through all my scrapping stuff yesterday,I didn't feel inspired to make anything at all :( Top all this off with Anna's amazing news of her,Peter and the girls impending move to Hong Kong next month and I am feeling a little lost to be honest. Hmmm,this is a depressing post!Can't post without a photo though so here is one of Holly leaf throwing last weekend :)

Bear with me,hopefully things will perk up soon! Holly and I have plans to make a Halloween house and Halloween cupcakes for next week :)


Claire Crompton said...

I know how you're feeling a good friend of mine moved to Switzerland back in August and I found it really hard. I still miss her but we make a conscience effort to keep in touch and she will be back visiting at Christmas. It's not the same though. Just think of the cheap holidays in Hong Kong?


Sue said...

sorry you are going to be missing your friend