Friday, June 01, 2012

Half way through 2012

I can't quite believe we are in June already and half way through the year yet again.
I am way behind on my 2012 album -boo :( No crop means I haven't had the incentive to get on with it! My camera seems to be spending most of its life in its bag too :(
This weekend is the Jubilee weekend but as we won't be here I'm not really 'feeling' it :( I have (much to Geoff's horror) put the union jack bunting up outside that I bought for the Royal Wedding last year :) And I'm thinking that I might do an afternoon tea for the girls at the end of the week once we are back home. Good excuse to make some cupcakes :D Holly's school have been their typical selves...whilst most have celebrated this week in the run up to the weekend,hers have decided to have a Jubilee afternoon the second day that they go back...which means that we will no doubt spend half term designing a hat ,doing a piece of Jubilee artwork and perfecting our cake recipes for the the Bake Off! And I won't even get to take any photos...hmmm,can you tell I have pretty much had enough of junior school?!
Anyway,I need to re-cap May before I forget what we did!Holly had her first trip into town with her friend on their own,shopping in Claire's for friendship bracelets and lunch at McDonalds :) She
She planned her outfit and even wanted her hair straightened! I feel sad that she is growing up so quickly but am also so proud at how well she is dealing with all the stuff that goes on at her age (namely bitchiness and nastiness!) She keeps well out of all the arguments that go on and knows who her true friends are.
We have also had all her paperwork come through for when she starts senior school in September -yikes!
Last week she also took and passed her Cycling test (it was called cycling proficiency when I was at school but has a new name now!)
Holly also took part in the maypole dancing display at the school fete :)
Oh and she made a cake for my Dad's birthday at the beginning of May ,will share photos next time!
Em has started her GCSE's and is working hard on her revision.She tends to groan every time my camera comes out or refuses to let me take any of photos of her :( I'm hoping that may change this week though and she has had a long overdue haircut which she is really pleased with!
Hmm, this has turned into an essay so I will sign off for now!

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