Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pumpkins and a heatwave...

...yep, a pretty strange combination !
Since last week we have been having a heatwave here in the UK :) Tomorrow will be October the 2nd and the temp will be 25 degrees....mad! But it has been nice to be able to trust a weather report as they have all been saying the same thing !
So today we went to the pumpkin field...yes,I know it probably seems too early but there is a method to my madness,honestly! The place we go is not a pick your own pumpkin place.They grow them and then harvest them to sell in their farm shop. A couple of years ago we went just at the right time,they were harvesting them so they were in lots of convenient piles around the field. Last year when we went, they had finished harvesting them and there were just a few squashy ones left :( So this year I planned ahead and rang them last week to ask if the pumpkins were still in the field and when they would be harvesting them (and could I come and take photos!) All was well, they were still in the field and would be picking them sometime in the next couple of weeks :) So off we went today in search of pumpkins.On the hottest 1st of October,ever. Due to the crop rotation, the pumpkins were not just down the road from the farm shop as they have been before but instead were about a mile and a half up the road ! The very nice farmer offered to show us the way,so off we went following his landrover :) Now in reality,taking photos in a un-harvested,un-trampled pumpkin field is a bit of a nightmare! Add to that boiling hot sunshine and you get the picture! I did get a few nice photos .But I don't think I will ever get any I love as much the ones from two years ago,so maybe I should give up trying?!

And this afternoon,in total contrast to the weather we are having I took Holly shopping to buy her waterproof trousers and a new waterproof coat for her school trip next week!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue for the email.I will see if Hilary still wants to do it.You know why you aren't so keen now,your kids are growing up.We'll have to wait for grandchildren to get those fab American style shots.By then there maybe pumpkin fields galore.
Karen X