Saturday, October 08, 2011

You can't have too many...

...leaf throwing photos in my opinion :) I have lots of Holly doing this, but she is often pulling all manner of strange faces! She tends to shut her eyes and screw her face up when the leaves fall back down incase any bits go in her eyes (so she's being quite sensible really!) The weather continued to be gorgeous last Monday so we went back up to Ayot to try for some photos with her eyes open :) Bingo :) The light was beautiful up there,I love the glow of the leaves on the ground :)

After the heatwave of last week,it has turned much chillier in the last few days. This means I am having a slight wardrobe problem....nothing fits! No, not because I have grown in size,but the opposite :) Since January I have lost just over 2 stone :) And all my warm clothes are too big :( And I can't find any new clothes in the shops that I like either :( A trip to a huge Primark is needed I think!On the upside,today I am wearing a skirt I haven't worn in two years so I can't complain really :)

This weekend we are packing Holly's case as she is off to Wales on a school trip on Monday.Four nights away seems like a very long time,I am going to miss her a lot :(But I am sure she'll have fun quad biking,doing archery and all sorts of other things!

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Becky said...

Well done with the weight loss Sue, that's brilliant! I've lost 21lbs and to be honest I hadn't really thought about my winter clothes yet - they are all in the loft and I have just been putting cardies on in the evening and a blanket! Might need a trip to Primark myself! Love the photos of Holly, she is such a willing model - your are lucky.