Friday, July 08, 2011

At least we can say we went....

Yesterday ,as probably the whole world was aware,was the final Harry Potter premiere in London.I didn't realise it was so soon although I knew it was due sometime in July. Unfortunately yesterday was also Holly's school open evening when we get to go and have a look at all the work she has done this year.Having been into London for the previous one,I knew Em was hoping to go to this one too.So we settled for a juggling act of a quick visit to school before Em and I whizzed off to London.By the time we got there it was much later than when we went before and a totally different set up.So we pretty much missed everything! But we did get to see the screen...and the hoardings blocking everything off!
Anyway, we hung around Trafalgar square for a bit before having a bit of a wander (where we could!) and also visited the M&M shop... At least being daylight we could walk a bit further out and not feel quite so lost!
Apparently the weather for Sunday is looking good (or it was last time I checked!) I'm now just wondering how long it will take to get there as the traffic is awful due to the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth Park....

Message for Claire C (if you read this!!) I keep trying to leave a message on your blog but it keeps asking me to sign into my Google Account over and over again :( This is the website for Hitchin Lavender .The sunflowers are due out soon too,and are also beautiful:) Their blog is usually updated as to when the flowers are in bloom :)

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Claire Crompton said...

Thanks Sue for the message I'm off to have a look at the website now. I'm going to my parents in a few weeks so I may be lucky enough to pay it a visit.

Thanks again.