Monday, July 11, 2011

At the lavender field...

Yesterday I went for my photo workshop at Hitchin Lavender field :) We got there really early as we weren't sure how bad the traffic would be by Knebworth,but the roads were clear.It meant that I had time to wander on my own for a bit as well as having a chat with Rachael Warne who was teaching the course.She was really lovely, with loads of experience (proved by the gorgeous magazine articles featuring her photographs!) First of all she gave us a talk through the basics ie apertures,shutter speeds . She showed us examples of her work ,explaining what a difference changing depth of field or focal points can make.We then took a walk around the farm and field looking at different ways to photograph the scenery etc. After lunch (which was lovely!) we then went off to take photos wherever we wanted. I won't bore you too much,but here a few that I took.

When the girls and Geoff came to pick me up afterwards they picked a couple of bags of lavender (which is currently drying out on trays in the living room!) It was very sunny by then though so they were squinting in most of the photos I took :( Love this one though,even if you can't see much lavender!
Sadly, there are no sunflowers this year :( They didn't survive May when there was very little rain.Much as I like the lavender, the sunflowers were gorgeous last year so I'm really disappointed :(

I'm hoping to go back in a couple of weeks maybe when the lavender is out a bit more as the rows weren't as full as when we went last year at the end of July.And maybe the girls will be more in the mood to have their photos taken...!!

Anyway, I did come home feeling that I'd learnt quite a bit,and it drummed into me a few things which I sort of knew but kept forgetting!I just have to remember to put it into practice!


Claire Crompton said...

Sounds like you had a good time, and the photos are great. My favourite is the top photo, love it.

C x

domestic goddess said...

Beautiful photos hun, makes such a difference being taught by an expert, and really shows in teh quality of photos you have taken xx