Thursday, June 02, 2011


I can't quite believe in June already?! This means we are in the month of Maypole dancing at the school fete,Fathers day and a million and one birthdays on Geoff's side of the family! Due to the many aforementioned birthdays,we went up to the in-laws last weekend.Unfortunately Holly was very badly travel sick all the way there,which pretty much wiped her out for a day :( She was fine all the journey home though which was a relief! Anyway,both girls had a lovely weekend playing with Nando the dog and meeting their new six month old cousin for the first time :)
Last week Holly did some planting with my mum & dad,finally finding a use for her old High School Musical wellies (which I knew she didn't want to get rid of!)We also have some strawberries from last year which are re-flowering, runner beans,carrots and more sunflowers :)

The week before half term Holly had her yearly school disco.Last year she sat outside for most of it as it was too loud but she seemed to really enjoy herself this year:)
This is another of the LO's I did at the crop :) I used a mix of Echo Park and Crate paper, Maya Road doilies and my lovely Jenni Bowlin butterfly stamp :)

And the today the kitchen is finally ready to be painted :) The last bits of work were done today - yippee! Cupboard wise I still have a lot of sorting and chucking out to do but as it's hidden it's not too bad!


Becky said...

Lovely layout :)

domestic goddess said...

wohoo cannot wait to see the new kitchen :)

FoFo said...

You have beautiful girls! The layout is lovely!