Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What happened there?!

I know I'm not the best blogger but I did an update on Friday which has mysteriously disappeared somewhere! Okay, so it wasn't very interesting and had no photos, but it was still an update!
This weekend we have been struck down with a not-very-nice bug, to put it politely :( Holly and I got off more lightly than Geoff and Em ,but it was not a good weekend.I was supposed to be cropping,but had already cancelled in fear that I might be 'struck down' whilst on the train on the way there! Just as well really! It does mean that I really to get my bum in gear though as I only seem to scrap at crops and am not getting anything done at home at all :(
This weekend Holly is due to do Maypole dancing at Hatfield House...I'm hoping the weather improves before then! Today we have had downpours and thunderstorms....I'm hoping it will be easier to sleep tonight than last night!
Holly 's has a good couple of weeks at Brownies,last week was pond dipping and the week before she got soaked at Ringos's.This involves whizzing down on small ski slope in a huge inflatable ring !It's amazing how loud a bunch of girls can scream when they're enjoying themseleves!

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Becky said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly - hope you are all fully recovered now :)