Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking shape :)

No, not me !! The new kitchen :) Despite huge chunks of plaster falling off the walls yesterday progress has been made and we have lots of units up :) I'm surprised at how much bigger it looks and am really lookig forward to it being finished (not least so that we can have the rest of the house back to normal!
Stil no main computer which is a shame as we have been out and about a bit recently taking advantage of the weather and lots of photos have been taken :) Think woodland ,bluebells and a blossom tree :)
Tomorrow I am taking the girls to see Hop (I'm hoping I can ignore the fact that Russell Brand does the voice of the bunny as I can't stnd him!) Then on Thursday we are hopping on a train and going to visit Anna :) We are cramming lots in the last few days of the holidays! I think Friday will be spent moving stuff back into the kitchen (fingers crossed) and then we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt at mum & dad's on Saturday :)

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Becky said...

Happy Easter! Hope you are moved back into your kitchen. We are just about back to normal in our utility room. Just a few cupboards to get back on the wall and refill.