Thursday, July 29, 2010

The first week

Yep, the first week of the holidays is almost over, and typically the glorious weather has vanished and we've had showers ,grey skies with just the odd bit of sunshine :( Oh well! Holly has been the busiest out of all of us ,with trips to friends and parties, how I wish I had the social life of a nine year old! Yesterday she went in to town with Geoff and had her ears pierced,she was more excited than nervous!

This morning we went down the lakes ,taking the tennis raquets & balls with us.This was to save losing all the balls over our hedges or smashing our neighbours new conservatory windows! I got some photos of the girls which I'm really pleased with (shame about the parched brown grass!)

This weekend we are off to the Bowkis Family bash ,the girls are really looking forward to meeting Suki :)
No more scrapping done, though I have finally tried out my lovely pink Bind It All and made asmall mini book :) (Which still needs photos !)


Claire Crompton said...

You have two gorgeous girls there Sue. Have a good time at the party this weekend.

Becky said...

Lovely photos - hope you are having a great time this weekend. Looking forward to seeing your mini book :)