Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We have strawberries!

Ok, so not loads (yet!) ,but it's more than we managed a couple of years ago when we first tried growing them.I think then,we got about one ripe one that the birds and slugs didn't get to first....

So far this year,we've picked three (I did warn you it wasn't loads!) and there are lots more that are nearly ready :) I never seem to be organised enough to have a whole veggie patch growing,so this year we have some potatoes in a tub as well as runner beans again.

I'm not sure how much of a success Holly's Brownie camp was ,to be honest :( She has become very 'anxious' about a couple of things over the last year or so,one of those things being, being away from home :( She gets herself really worked up ,eventually making herself ill.However, she did stay the night so that's something ,I was expecting a phone call to go and pick her up! She came home absolutely shattered and was out like a light on Sunday night.

The Maypole Dancing was as sweet as ever at the school fete, plus being a PTA run event,there is nothing to stop us taking photos :) (Wow, my photo editing is so professional!!)

Monday evening Em hurt herself whist playing basketball with Holly in the garden.Turns out that she has a splintered a bone in one of the fingers of her left hand -ouch! It needs to kept strapped up for the next two weeks and then we need to return to the fracture clinic.

Yesterday we got a letter from her school ,telling us that she has been chosen to study for all three science GCSE's,starting in September (her school start theirs a year early) She's worked really hard for this so we are very proud of her :)

Yesterday was also Geoff's birthday,but he spent the morning in A&E with Em getting her hand looked at.This meant that our original plan of a trip to Ikea was cancelled (see, we really know how to party!).We did make it to Frankie & Benny's for tea though :) And as Geoff doesn't really eat birthday cake, I made some cupcakes for me & the girls, letting him blow the candle out :)


domestic goddess said...

gorgeous cupcakes hun!
Well done Em,thats fantatstic!
Hope your hand is getting better

Claire Crompton said...

Oh those strawberries and cupcakes look delish!!.