Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm still here!

Having had a dodgy modem and then managing to get a virus on the PC,I had an enforced break from blogging.And the longer I left it, the less I remembered to come back !
Last weekend we went to Thurrock as Em had some money to spend and wanted to go to Build A Bear.She came home with this sweet little friend.

I got some new things too :)
Last weekend saw me attempting ( and almost failing!) to be a domestic goddess by making cookies and lemon loaf from my Humming Bird Bakery book.Let's just say that cleaning the oven after the lemon loaf mixture dripped every where was not my idea of fun!
Half term seems to have whizzed by and luckily the weather has been beautiful since Tuesday.Holly has been on a Brownie trip to London,going to the House of Lords and the London Eye - I think most of the mum's wanted to go too!She came home very tired but managed to stay up late playing on Rock Band with her Aunty Sylv and Uncle Pete who were visiting for a couple of days :)Em spent the morning at mum & dad's and made a banana loaf cake from the Humming Bird book again,as well as with making the icing.Although it was supposed to be Aunty Sylv's birthday cake she was very reluctant to let her actually take any home with her!
Today Em has been out with her friend all day and then off to a sleep over.In turn Holly has had her best friend over and they are camped out in Em's room for the night :) They've been in the paddling pool, painted, read their Brownie handbook (sweet!) and finished the evening watching Disneys Peter Pan in bed :)Tomorrow they have plans to make bisciuts and photo frames :) I have actually done a bit of scrapping,though I can't show it as it's for Pencil Lines next week :) I have speny ages ordering loads of holiday photos so who knows,I might start scrapping some of those soon...! I have to admit that I am still missing Florida even though we've been back just over a month now :( I am still missing cheesecake,the Disney Parks and that huge villa.Plus I'm on my last huge bag of Reeses's Pieces....:( !!


Becky said...

Nice to see you back. Looks like you had a lovely half term break with the girls. Looking forward to seeing your scrapping :)

domestic goddess said...

lovely photo of Holly :)