Sunday, June 06, 2010

A sneak ...and a farewell...

Much as I would love to be scrapping at the moment,I haven't had much chance.So here's a sneak of one for Pencil Lines next week,just to prove I do still do it!

Yesterday we had a bit of a farewell.I know there some people who think I'm absolutely barking about this,but we finally gave away the girls play kitchen and I am really sad :( !! It was Em's 'big' birthday pressie when she was 2,so it's been with us a while ,with lots of happy hours spent playing with it(the girls you understand, not me!) Sadly,we just don't have room in the house for it any more and it's spent the last couple of years feeling neglected in the shed,making brief appearances in the garden during warm school holidays.Luckily we have found a good home for it and Holly should still get a chance to play with it now and again .To me, it just kind of symbolises a end to part of my girls childhood,those days happily spent playing imaginary cafes with a wonderful menu of plastic chips! That said we still have a big box of plastic food which does still get played with now and then - long may it last!

Thankfully it's a bit cooler here today, though the rain meant we dashed indoors for the last five minutes of our BBQ last night! I am looking forward to having a few minutes peace & quiet to myself at some point this week :)


domestic goddess said...

awww i know that feeling, we have Lillys dolls house useing valuable space in teh studio at the moment, raelly dont wnat to have to get rid of it :(
LOL we had to eat inside yesterday evening as well

Helen Aitchison said...

have just seen the full LO on Pencillines, I LOVE IT!!!! i can't wait to get scrapping our holiday snaps! we took over 2000 and i have already ordered over 300 from photobox!
Catch you soon Sue