Monday, November 02, 2009

It was Wicked :)

I have been wanting to go and see Wicked for ages so you can imagine how excited I was when Anna told me she had got us tickets as part of my birthday pressie :) So last Thursday we headed off to London for a bit of retail therapy, food and the show.
First stop was Lola's Cupcake Bar in Selfridges :)

The cakes were gorgeous, though sadly they don't travel well round London, even in the lovely cardboard carton :( These are the ones I bought the girls!

After that we entered the hell hole that is Primark...the Oxford street store has to be the worst I have ever been in! We still managed to grab a few bits and pieces though :) Whilst wandering back down Oxford Street we were tempted by the smell of waffles from the Gourmet waffle bar..yum!Though believe me, there is nothing gourmet about trying to eat a waffle off a polystyrene tray with a plastic fork!
We carried on down Oxford Street and went down Regents Street where Anna had her first experience of Hamleys...hmm, maybe half term wasn't the best time to go there?!It was even worse than Primark! Enough was enough and we headed off to Victoria to pick up the show tickets and go to dinner. Dinner was at the very lovely Chez Gerrard restaurant in the Grosvenor Hotel. After that it was finally time for the highlight of the day :)
When we realised our tickets were in the stalls there was even more excitement ! All I can say is wow, the show was amazing and I can see why people go back to see it more than once.There is so much to take in, the scenery,the amazing costumes...I kept getting distracted and missed a few bits of the 'plot' so I think I need to read the book now!Thank you Anna for such a fab day :)


carina said...

It sounds like you had a fab day! And I think I have to go to London soon an spend every second in that cupcake store! ♥yummy♥=)

lyzzydee said...

Looks great and the waffle looks very nice, knmow what you mean about the plastic cutlery!

Em said...

That sounds like a busy but great day....and those cupcakes DIVINE!