Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love Lyzzy :)

Because she told me where there was a pumpkin field!! Okay, so it was two years ago and this is the first year that I've remembered to ask her for directions before she headed off her for her hols!
We did have a trip to Willows planned ,the picnic was all packed ,when I realised that the kids go free vouchers all expired at the beginning of October -oops!So after a quick phone call to check we could actually go on to the pumpkin field ,we headed off to the PYO & farm shop :)I absolutely love pumpkins,don't know why ,they just make me fell really Autumn-y :) So, apologies to Anna, but photo overload of orange-ness coming up!

They had loads 'ready picked' but were happy for us to go round the field to hunt for our own...we came home with the smallest one on the field ,as chosen by Holly! Luckily the people working there had already coveniently arranged the picked pumpkins in big piles around the filed, perfect for getting the kids to sit on!! We will be heading back there next year :)
Tomorrow Em is off to a freinds for a sleepover and Holly has her friend coming here for a sleepover...it's like musical houses!
And Thursday I am so looking forward to as I'm off to London with Anna for a cupcake in Selfridges,dinner at Chez Gerard and then to see Wicked....I'm so excited !!
And Friday afternoon will be spent carving our pumpkins ready for Saturday :)
I'm off to scour the net for pumpkin papers....:)

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domestic goddess said...

ok i neeeeed the address, i love the barrows of gourdes (sp?) and pumpkins!!