Friday, October 09, 2009

Roald Dahl Day

Today Holly's school finished their Roald Dahl week with a day dressing up as characters from his books :) There were so many fab costumes in the playground this morning,lots of oompa loompa's,fantastic foxes and Willy Wonka's :) Holly wanted to go as Sophie from the B.F.G (there were a few of those there too!). We used a pair of cinema 3D glasses ,minus the lenses,and added few freckles :)

Tomorrow morning we are off the see the movie Aliens In The Attic,though really I just fancy a lie-in! In the afternoon we are off to my mum& dad's for a pre -birthday tea for Em as my sister is visiting with her girls :) Sunday is food shopping and most probably a pile of ironing - nice! And before I know it willl be Monday again :(

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domestic goddess said...

hehehe, love it!!! you must scrap this