Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh dear...

I'm a bit rubbish at blogging these days!
Life is plodding along fairly uneventfully at the moment so there's not much to share I'm afraid!
Tuesday was spent catching up on stuff around the house.This included a pile of Brownie badges to be sewn on and toys to be mended.So whilst doing that I finally got round to starting to watch my DVDs of the first series of Greys Anatomy.I started watching it from series 2 and have been meaning watching the first series for ages.So,I'm two and a half episodes down!
Tomorrow Holly's school have a talent contest on as part of Red Nose Day.Holly is doing a dance routine with two of her friends..I'm not too sure how she'll do,so keeping my fingers crossed for her.They're not allowed to colour their hair this year (how miserable is that?!) but are wearing odd socks instead....hmm,okay then!Em's school letter had said 'not excessive' hair colour ,so I'll give her a squirt of red hairspray even though her tutor's told them they can't...make up your minds!Her hair is so dark though,it'll hardly be bright red!
My poor camera is feeling very unloved and unused at the moment too, though I did take a couple of photos today,so hopefully I'll add one to this post in the morning.Pictureless posts don't feel right!*photo added of my tiny daffodils by the front door!*

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Sara said...

I feel just the same, really busy just doing stuff - nothing exciting, but it's all good isn't it!