Sunday, October 08, 2006

We're live!!

I am very proud and excited to be part of a new challenge blog set up by Anna!Pic is of my Lo for the sketch this week. I always said I didn't really 'do' sketches...and then I tried one!! The other designers (gosh, is that what I am?!) are all fab too and we're all very different which should make it more intersting!
I'm trying to add a link to the site , but bear with me, I'm too scared to fiddle with my blog for fear of losing it completely!!
Today we all went for a walk down to the local lakes /park. Everything was fine until the girls got panicky over all the dogs being walked there :( All were on leads , perfectly behaved but they just don't like bit.
Tomorrow we have to be up early (well normal time for Holly!) as we are off for medicals relating to the car accident back in August.
Then it's off to Ikea! I can hear the Danish pastries calling me for breakfast!!
Eek, the LO looks really wishy washy in the pic, it's much brighter in real life!


Anonymous said...

have a danish on me hun, i will get your link up :)

joanna said...

Lovely layout, hun - really delighted for you - how lovely to be part of the sketch team :) Ooh, I could just eat an IKEA Danish pastry!!! xx

Ann(i)e said...

we're in for loads of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new site!! It looks like a ton of fun! Great layout :)