Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back.....

...not that I've been away!! Just been blogging lazy and ill!Also had visitors last weekend but I guess I can't really use that excuse for all the other days I haven't posted!
It's half term here and I'm always amazed at just how rubbish the weather turns as soon as school breaks up for a bit ! We've had one dry day so far , when we grabbed the chance to go off in search of fresh air and conkers!
So I attempted to get some Autumny photos whilst there, as you can see from todays picture. Kirsty, did you Anaita chuck leaves in your face?! Cos Holly managed to whack me in the cheek with a stick!! I have fiddled a bit with it in Picture It (no fancy editing programmes here I'm afraid!) as it was a bit dark under the trees.So now we have another two bags of conkers sitting here ready to go mouldy!
Anna has decided to close the Bumblebeecrafts shop, but she will be continuing with her kits and Angel Kisses under the name of Scrapping Angels. This will be such a good move for her and free up some essential chillin' time! Crops will continue though - hallelujah (I do so value my one day 'escape' each month!)
Well, I promise to try and be back soon! Though I'm guessing no-one checks back here now I've not posted in so long!!


Anonymous said...

so love that photo, the leaves in mid air look fab, love the colours

Anonymous said...

hurrah - you are back online. tapping my fingers I was.

If you want, I can edit the picture to make it "pop". just send me the full res picture and Ill do the rest xx

although the picture is alright as it is. but if you want a bit of photoshop magiiiiiiiiiic.. lemme know

Ann(i)e said...

cutie-pie photos!
how are you coming on this weeks sketch?

Anonymous said...

love the photo :)

glad you're back posting - love seeing piccies of your kiddies.

Anonymous said...

Gerrraway I pop in every blinkin day!

I love that piccie!

Cath said...

Gorgeous picture! Hope you're feeling better!

joanna said...

Missed you, darl - so glad to see you back again! I LOVE that photograph :) I know what you mean about poo weather during half-term, too - it hasn't been very good here. xx