Sunday, September 10, 2006

Not once but twice!!

I have scrapped - wooohoooo!!
I have finally finished the layout of Lily, Izzy, Em and Holly together ! And fllowing a challenge by Anna using a Becky Fleck sketch did another. I managed to bodge the journalling on the First Day one though (I wrote the wrong date!) so I chopped a flower in half to cover it up, something I can never bring myself to do normally!I have a couple of other bits that have to be finished (you guessed, a CJ!) and then I can start on the gorgeous pic that Jo has sent me.I'm so glad to be feeling a bit motivated again.
After lots of deliberating and mind changing I am now going to the Scrapping Angels retreat in two weeks , yipee! Only trouble is I need a decent pic of me - yikes!
The weather here has been just beautiful today and the kids have been out enjoying the sunshine in the garden, making tents and pretend campfires!I even sat out on the sun lounger with my trusty AMM Tote next to me and scrapped!
I love this time of year, approaching Autumn (yeah, I know it's not quite here yet!).Love the colours, the smells...just everything.
Back in school for the kids tomorrow so I will start my joyous task of sorting through the house, room by room, dusty corner by dusty corner! I will have a little reprieve on Tuesday though as I am meeting Caz for coffee in the morning. Y'know , I love that I have friends with the same hobby!


Anonymous said...

aw fab lo's Sue love the red one x

anna said...

love these LO's so much :)
it ahs been lovely weather hasnt it, liek you i love autumn, the smells, colours and teh nights drawing in
anna x

joanna said...

Ooh, yummy layouts, Sue - gorgeous! Hasn't the weather been just beautiful - it's a shame the kids are back in school. Enjoy your coffee with Caz tomorrow - I am very envious :) x

joanna said...
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joanna said...

Sue! I double-posted!! It was me who deleted a comment - Blogger was playing silly-bloggers :D xx

Sweet Shirleen said...

I love the red one too!