Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fab weekend....

I know, I'm rubbish, I haven't blogged for ages again!
But here I am to post about the weekend spent in the company of some fab people!
I spent yesterday and today at the first Scrapping Angels retreat in Bury St Edmunds.Before anyone wonders, I'm not posing as a teacher ,I was just class room assistant - general helper outer! But I got to wear a fabbo t-shirt and a funky little apron!The girls have their eye on it already...!
It was fab to meet Ann(i)e, Soo, Annette for the first time and Ali, Louise and Kerry that I already know fom crops.Emily's classes were fab and she is soo lovely!
I didn't really go prepared to scrap (yeah, I know, it was a scrapping retreat) as I was expecting to be 'assisting' but I got some fab inspiration and I WILL finish what I started!! Thanks to Ali for being a lightweight like like me and going to bed early (ish)!! We were tucked up with tea and hot choc by 11.30pm!
Loads of love and thanks go to Anna, who despite having a rough time at the mo made the whole thing happen - love you!
Right, I have safely stashed away my new Angel Kisses so I am away to bed as I'm tired!


Ali said...

Hehehe Fellow light weight here, it was a fabby weekend wasn't it!!

Take care and see you really soon!!!

joanna said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time, Sue - glad it was so much fun! xx

greyparrot said...

ohhhh looks so fab- totally jell...I want your apron!

anna said...

hi babes
thank you thank you thank you for everything this weekend, for kepping me uopbeat and just being you
love ya
see you wednesday

Anonymous said...

Awww that photos is so cute of you all and Anna looks so pretty (hate her! lol)

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your efforts babe!

Shirl xxx

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Wow - it all sounds fabby. Everyone is raving about the retreat xxx

Anonymous said...

Tagged you hon see my blog for details - ps that's a gorgeous LO

Anonymous said...

love you all in your t's and big smileys.

Glad you had a great weekend xx