Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow...and scrapping :)

I know it's been ages again!
We have spent the last week shivering under a blanket of snow and ice until this morning when practically every bit has gone...except for the stumpy remains of our snowman! I do love the snow but the ice covered pavements have been an absolute nightmare,and I'm surprised I haven't broken any bones this week!
Last week we went to see Shrek the musical :) It had been snowing heavily all day so when it looked like they might start cancelling trains we decided to get an earlier train into London.The snow in London itself wasn't actually that bad,just as well as we had a a bit of time to kill before we were due at the theatre!We wandered round Covent Garden and Leicester Square and tea in McDonalds before going to the theatre and waiting in the foyer where it was nice and warm :) The show itself was really good but it was totally spoilt for me by the people sitting along from us :( They talked loudly ,slurped,kicked seats,slept ,crunched ,fidgeted and rustled the whole way through which was totally distracting :( The evening was topped off with a drunk girl on the train being sick...delightful! I'm glad we went as Holly loved it and the show has its good parts but I have had better nights out! Looking forward to a far more civilised night out in a couple of weeks when I go to see Singing In The Rain while Em goes to We Will Rock You with a friend :)

We went out in the snow quite a bit and even Em made an appearance when her mates knocked for her :)
I have also done a couple of Lo's this week :) This is one of them,using one of the photos that Anna took last September :)

I used all MME papers ,except for the moustache paper which is by Echo Park.It also includes possibly the naffest hand made embellishment ever, the little moustache on a stick!
I will post the other one later this week :)

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Claire Crompton said...

I love this Sue, and I don't think your moustache embellishment is naff at all, you've given me an idea now!

Hope you are all well?