Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All change :)

This weekend just gone we had a bit of a move around in our room :) Last week our new sale gargain bed was delivered so on Sunday afternoon Geoff dismantled the old one and put the new one together :) We also decided to move things around so the bed is now up against a wall instead of under the window and it makes the room look so much better :) We have also decided to wallpaper one wall with some very gorgeous wallpaper,a joint decision made surprisingly quickly for us! :) Picture wise it is proving more difficult to find what I really want :( Many moons ago when I first left home, I had some gorgeous Norman Parkinson posters in my flat.I still have those posters but they are pretty creased and damaged after 20 years...can I replace them?!It's not looking likely at the moment :( I am going to try the Covent Garden Poster shop as I am pretty sure I got at least one of them from there .If I have no joy we'll have to find something else :( (But I'm still not chucking out my posters !!)

On Saturday Holly and I made meatballs for the first time :) For some reason Holly was convinced she didn't like them though I thought if she helped make them she'd know there was nothing in them she didn't like! I think her favourite bit was smashing up the cream crackers! This weekend we'll be making meatloaf (can you guess we're using a Jamie Oliver book?!)

Eoday we have been to Ikea to get a couple of things for around the house:) Sadly though I couldn't bet one of the main things I needed though, new bulbs for my Stranne lamp :(
Apparently they have updated the design so that they now use LED's. And they don't sell the replacement bulbs to go in my 'old' version :( Not happy and I think I will write and complain as once the rest of my bulbs blow my lamp will be useless :(


domestic goddess said...

look at you showing off your camera skills!!!

I would write a letter of complaint to Ikea!!

lyzzydee said...

sue Ikea, thats not fair, they should keep the bulbs in stock for a bit afterwards, miserable gits!! The meat ball maker looks totaally engrossed!

K und K said...

looks very good ;) i have the same ..in double package ;)