Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One more day...

and I can't wait, I need a rest!
Sadly we may not get the much longed for white christmas, as it's currently raining and everything is turning very slushy :(
Anyway, while everything was still looking lovely, I took my camera everywhere :)

I still have a pile of wrapping to do, but the main part is done. I went to start on the final calendar I have to make this evening...only to discover there is no September page!!So now I am presentless for someone as there seems no point in doing it if I can exchange it for a complete one.
Yesterday Anna braved the weather and came over for for a pre-Christmas meet up :).We were treated to (yet another) show from the girls,ate cookies and rocky road and had crackers :) Sadly, I forgot about the hot chocolate sitting in the cupboard!

My eyes are closing so I am off to bed...I'm hoping for a lie in on Christmas Day!


domestic goddess said...

oh i love that photo! Look at Em
and Izzy's tops! and Lilly looks tiny in this photo.

Tracie H said...

Merrty Christmas to you and yours from me and mine x.x.x.x.x