Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quick sneak..

..yes, yes,I know plenty of people hate sneaks...but as I have no other scrapping to share and I don't know when this layout goes live a sneak is all I can show :) And yes, I scrapped the pirate photos yet again...but they went so well with the papers in the kit!

School breaks up tomorrow and I'm feeling totally unorganised and unprepared ! Apparently we are forecast snow over the weekend,so slightly different from the Easter holidays last year when we had hot sunshine and the kids spent the whole two weeks out in the garden !

Plans for the removal of the 'damn shed' (that's it's polite name) look likely to be on hold....what a surprise! So having already made arrangements for the kids to go out for the day we could end up with a rare day to ourselves!

I doubt I'll be blogging tomorrow....Greys Anantomy is back on Channel 5 at 10pm...say no more....!


lyzzydee said...

My wish for you............
some beautiful snow over the easter, sods law will mean you will get some at home and me in Newcastle will not!!!
You really must get out more or insist that the school does something other than pirate days, how about book characters like the rest of Hertfordshire?? You know like we did on book day. Whats happening with the shed?? why isn't it going?? do the people next door want to keep it now??

domestic goddess said...

ooo i am loving that sneak peak and that glittery alpha is delish!!!!!
PMSL at Lyzzy
and i do agree, maybe we should dress Holly up as something else for you, maybe a ladybird to help with the black,red and white theme, heheheheh

Caz said...

Hey stranger. We must meet up soon!! Are you cropping with us in May??