Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Consider my wrists slapped!!

I have been told off by Caz because I haven't posted pics of my 'naked' playing cards! So here you have them! Have no ida how messy this will all look as I am no good at jiggling pics round on here! I took a photo of them on a piece of paper, on the table (so you can see the transparency of them) and then in the light of the window!
Haven't had a chance to finish this weeks card yet, I've started work on it though!
Bit of a miracle today, I managed to lose weight again for the third week in a row! It's not huge amounts but at least it's going down and I'm happy with that!
I'm cropping this Sunday with Anna, Ali, Kerry , Kerry, Louise and Ifa - yipee! Especially as I hear Kerry is bringing cake!
Tomorrow I have to pop into town to see if I have any bank charges and if so, get them reversed by the manager !
Geoff's passport arrived week after being sent off for renewal and without paying for a 'speedy' service!
No other news to share , other than I now have another Dolly bead (Mothers day pressie!) so I shall post pics of that tomorrow! Catch you soon :)

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domestic goddess said...

loving your naked cards :)