Sunday, March 11, 2007

Almost like summer....

The weather has been beautiful here today! The girls have spent most of the day outside , be it it washing the car, on the trampoline or riding their bikes up and down the street! We've blown up the pools and hosed them all down, the cars been washed and the shed re-arranged!Phew, not bad! And all finished off with a roast - yum!
I've had PC probs this weekend so I'm all behind on my Pencil Lines sketch for this week.Go check it out though, there's some fab work again this week!I'm hoping to have mine done for tomorrow !
So as there's been no scrapping done, todays pic is of me! I am so chuffed that Geoff managed to get a decent one! Who knows, I may even scrap it!
Tomorrow we are taking Em to have her brace fitted, keep your fingers crossed for us!She has this one for six months , before changing to one top and bottom.


domestic goddess said...

wow look at you glamour Sue, i love it
send Em a great big hug from me OK

Ann(i)e said...

Sue this is a gorgeous picture of you....really LOVE it!! You must send it over to Anna or Anam and get it up on the Pencil Lines look HOT!!!!!!!!!! (and I don't mean "warm" hehehe)