Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Highly Recommended :)

It's a couple of weeks now since I went to see Singin' In The Rain but I would definitely recommend it as a great night out :)It wasn't high on my list of 'must see's' and I really only booked it as I had to find something to go and see while Em was at We Will Rock You and the tickets were on offer! But it was a great show ,just happy and feel good :)After dropping Em off at the theatre where she was going with a friend,my Friend and I went for a little wander round Primark and then headed to Pizza Hut for tea -yum! The weather was really miserable which was a shame as there were lots of lovely lanterns and decorations up for the Chinese New Year,it was just too cold and wet to stop and take photos!

After the show we went to meet Em so she do stage door and meet another of her stage 'idols',Oliver Thompsett :) He was very lovely (my friend was very taken with him!) but sadly in the photo of us with him we both look like we have several chins so it's staying under wraps!
It is still freezing cold here and I have almost forgotten what sunshine looks like :( !
Last weekend Holly found out she had won the Design A Logo competition at Guides for a fund raising campaign and she won a prize :)She is also really excited that her form tutor is letting her run a cake sale in aid of Comic Relief on Red Nose Day :)
Last night Em and I finally went to see Les Miserables at the cinema.It was so so good but we got through a lot of tissues! I even gave one to the lady sitting next to me as she was crying and sniffing but couldn't find any tissues in her bag!
I don't have any scrapping to share :( I did meet up with Lyzzy and Caz at Stamperama at the weekend though and bought some lovely bits from the MDF man to decorate so I am feeling a bit inspired to go and make something!

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Liz davidson said...

It was great to see you over the weekend, we must meet up again soon xxxxx