Saturday, December 29, 2012

My poor neglected blog...

I'm not sure why I've been putting blogging as I have missed it. And I find it really sad that so many blogs that I used to love reading for scrapping inspiration or just general nosey-ness are no longer updated or closed to univited readers :( The blogs I seem to spend the most time browsing these days serm to be nail polish related as there are so many. Yep,nail polish is my other expensive 'hobby'! Though you probably won't see photos of my nails on here as I don't class myself as any where near that good! Anyway,at least my blogging was better this year than last year so maybe with the new year approaching I may get the bug again:-)
Since I last blogged Holly has had her birthday, both girls took part in the school winter concert and were fabulous,Holly had her first secondary school parents evening which made us very proud,Em has got herself a part in a production at the local theatre,we went to see Em as Tinkerbell in her stage school performance of Peter Pan,we saw the John Lewis snowman in store

and I have just about got over the trauma of Anna moving :-) Oh and Christmas has been and gone!
I got a new phone at the end of the year and decided that with the help of Instagram that this would be the year that I did a December journal/album. All was going well until my new phone took a dive down the toilet and refused to be revived :( I now have a replacement phone so hopefully I will finish the journal in January.
I made an album of images from our photo shoot with Anna as a Christmas present for my sister in law and really enjoyed it so I'm hoping to make some more mini albums next year. Really not sure what to do about a yearly album for next year.I want to do something but have failed miserably at completing the last two years albums :( !
I hope to back soon and thank you if you have stopped by to read this :-)


Deb said...

So glad that you have blogged Sue - I love following your blog. I would love to see your instagram photos - my name is deborahannett on instagram - if you request to follow me, then I can follow you back if you like. I am going to do project Life in 2013 - I did it as a 365 project in 2009 and enjoyed it. I am hoping that my Instagram photos will help with it.

David Pressley said...

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