Sunday, September 05, 2010


that how it feels the last six weeks have gone :(Tomorrow we are back in the land of packed lunches and homework :(
We were busy last week though :) Em had her kneee looked at and redressed on Tuesday.Although it was still open a bit (yugh!) ,it is healing ok (so the nurse says!) She will have one big scar there though once it's all dreid up!
In the afternoon we went to the Butterfly Farm.My photos of butterflies weren't great, as they flew around too much!

There are lots of designer gardens to walk round, including these walls which were filled with...well, just about anything really!

As is always the way, the weather turned gorgeous last week,just as many schools went back ! Typical!Luckily for us though it meant we had perfect weather on Thursday & Friday when we went to Legoland for two days :) There were times when it did feel like we were back in a theme park, all wearing our summer clothes and spending ages in queues!
Here's a couple of photos, I'll write more in my next post :)


domestic goddess said...

love the first photo of the girls, gorgeous, glad to hear you had fun, will catch up with you tomorrow after work xx

Claire Crompton said...

Some lovely photos of your gorgeous girls. Hope Em's knee soon heals up.


lyzzydee said...

How are things with the knee?? I hope its healing ok. Lucky I wasn't at the butterfly place, I hate flappy things.