Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Catching up!

Yep, I have made the effort to start catching up on Emily's prompts rather than resigning myself to having another unfinshed project on the go!

This morning I have done the week 5 prompt which was to use Ephemera from that week.I chose to record the puchase of my first Dolly bead from Jaq.I used the photo from her site (with permission!) and snipped up the receipt and attched the part with the bead no. on it.I also used some of the confetti hearts that Jaq put in with the packaging as it was a limited edition valentines bead .This is the first time I have used one of my funky new see-through cards too so I tried to take the photo to capture the effect! Hopefully I can now start to do the other prompts now I'm back in the 'groove'!

Other news, Em will be getting removeable braces in a couple of weeks time following her visit on Monday to the orthodontist.Whilst I think she would rather have put it off ,we advised her to start the treatment now as it will hopefully all be finished before she starts senior school.She has decided to go for a funky lilac glitter colour (not that you see it, it's the plastic bit that goes in the roof of her mouth!)She has already asked me to take some 'before & after' pics for her so that she will have a record of the change for herself.

Holly has lost yet another tooth (at about 4.45am !!) , making it three in as many weeks!

Right, I am off as I really should be doing other stuff!


valerie said...
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valerie said...

made a boob with my first post love your card the see through atc is fab can i ask where you get them from

domestic goddess said...

ooo i am loving this :) i may even be inspired to get cracking on with mine
Izzy lost another bottom tooth last night, poor tooth fairy never made it with all these winds ;)
maybe better luck tonight

Mrs Pretzel said...

LOVE it. Those see through cards are so neat! Don't worry about being behind. Just work on them until you are done!

Marjolein said...

I like this!! How nice that you could use the photo of the site!! Go and hurry, 3 more weeks to do:-)

Gigi said...

i LOVE this! those see through cards are awesome! & i love your stamping!

Anonymous said...

what a super cool background on that card...what is it? I LOVE those lucky girl!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fab idea for a card & it really stands out from the crowd.